In the land of OZ...


[The beginning]

Long long ago... So long ago... Actually just a week back, I traded my warm toilet seat in Colombo for a ice-cold one in Melbourne. Yes folks, I've left... To continue my studies, and as someone said once...

"There's nowhere like /home"

And here goes how it all happened...

The incidents of the past few weeks are all a blur. I applied, got the visa, paid the fees, left my work (THINKcube), finished work on and released babytux digest, and then caught the plane to Sydney on the 7th.

[Flying and Food]

The journey was fine, apart from being a wee bit cramped the plane was kewl! It was my first time on Singapore Airlines... So I enjoyed the In-flight Entertainment. The first flight was at midnight so I got dinner, which was Lamb Goulash (yeah I know, I ATE LAMB!) and a Fruit Spritzer (tasted like pure Apple juice to me... ;-D ). I slept for an hour and woke up just before touch down at Singapore. I didn't stay there long since the transit was only 2 hours, and it took me 1 hour to reach the other end. Caught the next flight which was rather long, and ate Rice and Fish Curry while watching "She's the Man", fell asleep and woke up to have an Ice-cream just before the plane landed.

I was met by my Aunt and family at the airport. And realised how fast time went... Last time my cousins were so small, and now they were all grown up. 11 years had just whizzed by. After the usual greetings, we left for their house. On the way my aunt decided to pick up a pizza from Dominos (compared to the ones I used to eat this one was spiceless...). The journey to their house was uneventful. When we got there we had dinner. Then I played soccer (No! Not physically ;-P) but on the PlayStation with my cousin. After that I played the piano they had for a while, talked to my uncle and aunt, then went to bed.

[Homebush and Hungry Jack's]

The next day I woke up to find that it was 1100Hrs OMG... It was almost the middle of the afternoon, and it looked like just after dawn, then I remembered... I had landed smack in the middle of winter! Then I went and had an ice-cold shower (when I say ice-cold I mean really ice-cold! Literally!) and had breakfast. Then we went shopping, for the small things that I had forgotten to bring, we went to various places, like a super market (where I got an electric shaver, odds and ends, etc.), and a mall (where I got another jumper). Then I was taken to Hungry Jack's where we had chicken baguettes, a little spicy and familiar taste so enjoyed it. After that they showed me around Sydney Town, and then I got to see the Sydney Opera House. Quite a treat, (though my cousins say they had had enough of it, since my uncle and aunt always take visitors there :-D ) We took some photos there, as well as at the botanical gardens nearby. It was getting late so we had to leave...

On the way home we had to pick up some food and spices from a Sri Lankan populated area in Sydney called Home Bush. At dinner I found out that you could buy all kinds of Sri Lankan food there... "Home made food, away from home!" ;-) We got home, and I started playing soccer with my cousin again, when another uncle and an aunt (brother and sister) dropped in. Dinner had a mix of many Lankan dishes, of which I ate a lot... And go the wheeze, thanks to the ice-cold bath it was even worse. After re-packing clothes, and spending some time talking to them I went to bed.

Next morning, I caught the plane (at the last minute... Though because of that I didn't have to pay for extra luggage ;-D ) and landed in Melbourne.

[M-m-m-Melbourne C-c-c-cold]

As soon as I landed I found that biggest suitcase had split, and was struggling to get it off when my uncle and aunt turn up and help me with it. Somehow we managed to get the whole thing in one peace to my uncle's car; and then we had to go to the doctor, because my wheeze was getting worse... :-(

After spending a pretty penny at an after hours clinic, we got some medicine at the pharmacy; and walked ( I had to run, and was still several meters behind my uncle and aunt...) to a shopping centre nearby, and had 'sub' at Subway. Quite filling, and lots of veggies... One of the few sandwiches with that amount of veggies really (at least that's all I've seen). After lunch (rather late one at 4 p.m. ;-) ) I was taken to my university, to scout the place. I liked the architecture. We took a look around, and then left for home. On the way back, I was shown the bus stops that I would have to use to get to the university. Got home, changed and went to bed. That's how I ended up in Melbourne.